Cort Maddox draws from an extensive professional experience in finance and management, where he spent 17 years of his career.  Using his knowledge gained working in the credit card industry, finance companies, as well as both large and small banks he specifically helps small businesses focus on their finances and funding strategies.  He has been a manager, a trainer, mortgage lender, small business lender, personal lender, and all other duties as assigned. He brings real world experience to help business owners evaluate and plan for financial and operational processes in their company.

Maddox provides an expansive knowledge base and countless resources for his clients. As a Compound Coach certified coach, Maddox understands the value of working smart and efficiently, not just working hard.  He brings his drive to be his best to all areas of his life including his practice of mixed martial arts. Participating in tough mudders across the country he is all about helping clients to achieve their goals.